FreedOm ChurCh

Day 1: Begin praying with the acknowledgement of our need for God and his presence in our
lives. Pray for a level of intimacy with God that comes with pressing into His presence.

Day 2: Pray for revival in the church. Pray for a prayer awakening in the Church that
would usher in a sweeping global revival and unprecedented harvest of souls. Pray
that God would raise up intercessors within our church. Charles Spurgeon declared,
“Whenever God determines to do a great work, He first sets His people to pray.”

Day 3: Pray for boldness in our faith to share with others so that there will be an increase
of unchurched and unsaved making a decision for Christ.

Day 4: Hunger & Thirst for the Scriptures. The word becomes the only standard that we
live by. The spiritual growth of the church increases as we read, study and obey the word.
The Holy Spirit will reveal and expose things through the word by opening our eyes,
minds & hearts to what we read. God's people would learn to enjoy reading their Bibles.

Day 5: Pray for a clear vision, and strategic planning for Glory of God. Read Hebrews
13:7//1 John 5

Day 6: Pray God’s financial blessing on the church corporately and over our individual
lives. Read Genesis 12

Day 7: Pray for God’s direction and wisdom for the church leadership as they guide the
church into the future.

Day 8: Serve: Pray for strong commitments to serve in various ministries in the church.
God would raise up volunteers that know Him, love Him, and are willing to use their gifts
and talents to humbly serve Him and the church. Pray for God’s help and anointing upon
those who serve in volunteer ministries.

Day 9: Pray that God will guide and direct our Take the Land Initiative.

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