21 days of prayer & fasting

Day 10: Pray for the Next Generation: Pray that we get to send over 90 youth and kids for
camps this summer. Also pray that God will raise up committed youth and kid’s ministry
leaders. Ask God to guard the kids heart and mind from the worlds influence. Pray that
they are grounded in the truth and knowledge of Christ at an early age in order to
withstand and identify the lies of the enemy. Read: Deuteronomy 7

Day 11: Pray for protection over families. Give parents wisdom to raise children, marriages,
relationships. Pray for the families in the body of Christ. The health of the church is
defined by the health of families. Read Ephesians 6:18

Day 12: Missionaries: Pray Freedom Church increases our missions influence in the world.
Pray we can increase current financial support and begin supporting new missionaries
around the world. Pray that God raises up people from Freedom Church to be
missionaries to the world. Read: Psalm 2:8


Pray for the missionaries we are currently supporting monthly.
AFRICA: Jimmy Abrams – Tanzania
Adam Fogleman – South Africa
Randy Freeman, South Africa
Randy Payne - Kenya

EUROPE: Bob Godwin – Estonia
Nick Puccini – Estonia
David Millsap – Lithuania

US MISSIONS: Chris Rau – Chi Alpha
ASIA: Rhonda P. – Pakistan
Pastor AR Hashmat – Pakistan
J. Murdoch – Sri Lanka


Day 13: Pray for the persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Pray that God would
give them the right words and that they would fearlessly make Christ known. Pray that they will
endure. Pray that they will live the joy of the Lord before their persecutors. Pray for their
physical protection and deliverance. Read Hebrews 13:3

Since Jesus laid down His life, 43 million Christians have become martyrs. Right now 200
million people face persecution for believing in Jesus and 60% of those people are children,
according to Christians in Crisis International Ministry, a prayer advocacy ministry for
persecuted believers. *CRU.org

Day 14: Pray for those who feel disconnected to the church body (fellowship). Pray for
people to get connected to a Life Group. Pray that people would heed the call to be Life
Group Leaders.

Day 15: Pray for more opportunities to serve our community. We want to increase in the
areas of the City of Round Rock//Williamson County//Central Texas.

Day 16: Your Pastor and his family:
Benito, Jennifer, Alanna and Nevaeh Fresquez – Lead Pastor, wife and children
Pray for a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit on your pastor. Pray for wisdom and
direction as your pastor leads us in a building campaign this year. Pray that your pastor
will be refreshed in mind and spirit through the study of God’s Word and prayer. Pray
that your pastor and his will be blessed with good health. Pray for God’s wisdom,
guidance, and anointing upon your pastor in preparing messages each week. Pray that
your pastor and his family will be undergirded by the Holy Spirit in times of loneliness or
discouragement. Pray for your pastor’s wife, their marriage and their children. For his
children to grow up in the fear of the Lord. That God would protect their marriage from
inside and outside attacks. Pray that God will give them wisdom to how to raise their
children and God would guard their hearts. That his family would be united in ministry
and pursuit of the Lord.

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