21 days of prayer & fasting

Day 17: Pastoral Staff & Leadership Team:
Sonya & Wade Stocklin – Administrator, Missions, Outreach, Prayer, Media//Volunteer +
1st Impressions Team
Osi and Livi Hernandez – Next Generation Pastor – Youth and Young Adults
Jeremy Stocklin – Freedom Kids and Preschool Ministry Pastor
Joel and Claudia Vargas – Co-Worship Pastor
Jonathan Slack – Co-Worship Pastor
Brett & Vivian Mizelle – Men’s Ministry – Man Cave
Noel & Stacy Barbee – Life Group Pastor
Lee & Grace Johnson – Pastoral Care Pastor
Isai & Heather Chalambaga – Growth Track Ministry
Samantha & Courtney Gross – Women’s Ministry Co-Leader//Wilco Juvenile Detention Ministry
Linda Richarte – Women's Ministry Co-Leader
Elders and their families – Sunni Petty, RJ Harlan, and Ray Ortiz
Overseers and their families – Cecil Whitton, E. Wayne Hanks, and Ron Vietti
Pray for our Pastoral Staff, Ministry Team leaders, Elders and Overseers to be led by the
Spirit and focused on Jesus and the vision He has for the church. That they will walk in
obedience, bear fruit and prove faithful with the ministry they have been entrusted with.
Always seeking wisdom and understanding of the Word and be able to present sound
teaching to the adults/youth/children. Protection over their relationships (marriages,
family & ministry) and guard their hearts. Favor in the community and provision to further
the kingdom effectively and faithfully. Pray for their protection from the physical attacks
of the world and the enemy.

Day 18: Pray for strongholds and addictions over people lives and in our church and

Day 19 - Pray for the leaders and community of Round Rock:
The Mayor: Craig Morgan
City Council Members: Tammy Young, Rene Flores, Matthew Baker, Will Peckham, Writ
Baese & Hilda Montgomery
First responders: RR Police Department and RR Fire Department
Pray for safety in our city. People to remain considerate and respectful of one another.
Our moral compass to point to that which is godly and not allow the liberal views and
voices to dictate the culture in our community/city.

Day 20 - Pray for the State of Texas governing body:
Governor: Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor: Dan Patrick, Attorney General: Ken Paxton
Also pray for state officials & representatives to be surrounded by godly counsel and to
remember they have been elected or appointed to serve the people.


Pray for our nation:
President Donald Trump
Vice-President Mike Pence
Also pray for Congress, Senate & other elected officials that lead our nation and make
our laws. That godly counsel would surround them, lead with integrity and truly know
God and seek His wisdom in decision making for our nation. Safety within our borders,
strength, and protection for our military.
Pray for Israel: The Peace of Jerusalem and for this city to remain undivided and in Israeli
hands. Holy Spirit to override the plans and schemes of man against this city. That Israel
would not be hindered or deterred from building up Jerusalem within the plans and
purposes of God.

Day 21 - Finish strong – Pray that God gives us a finishing faith over our church. Read 1st Timothy 3

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