We strive to see every student discover who they are in Jesus Christ and become world-changers by discovering their purpose and whom they were created to be.
This discovery will lead them to walk in the God-given power of the Holy Spirit and will allow them to radically change their culture and live out the gospel.
We want our students to be equipped and confident in Jesus so that after they graduate high school they are living life on mission.
We are a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural group that is excited about all things Jesus.
We work hard to create a safe and fun environment for the lost to hear the gospel and for the saved to be challenged to live out the gospel.

Parents, during these uncertain times, our plan is for our Youth ministry to also stay consistent while you keep your families safe.


We will be meeting on-site every Wednesday for a time of teaching, discussions, and fellowship. We will be doing temperature checks of all students and leaders. All leaders will wear masks and everyone will social distance. Follow us on Instagram or click the button below to get more info on joining us on-site/zoom or if you have any questions.